helpers-logoWelcome to the Society of Helpers, U.S. Province.

We are an international congregation of Catholic women religious working to ease the suffering of those most in need. Using our unique gifts, we follow different paths to answer the same call, responding to a common mission to help in all manner of good. Founded in 1856 by Eugenie Smet of Lille, France, we truly are – as our foundress Mary of Province intended – Helpers for the whole world. The Society of Helpers are progressive, open to the demands of an ever-changing, globalized world. We work with people where they are, as they are, moving toward a better future.

Our Core Values … Community, Mission, Social Justice, Independence & Ignatian Spirituality

As contemplatives in action, we don’t just pray for social justice and for peace – we make it our life’s work. Through vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and an Ignatian spirituality that recognizes God in all things, we focus our time, effort and talents on doing God’s work.The U.S. Province headquarters are in Chicago, leading communities located in California, Missouri and New York. With a presence in 22 countries around the world, the Society of Helpers continue to demonstrate Mary of Providence’s desire to live in awareness of the dynamic presence of God in our world while serving those most in need.

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