VoH 3
Table of Contents Provincial Letter – Sister Mary Ellen Moore, SH … 1 Letter from the Editor – Sister Jean Kielty, SH … 2 The Widow’s Coins: Reassessing our Christian Identity F. Javier Orozco, SFO, PhD … 3 Parable of the Talents: Improving our Lot Ken Meyer … 4 Spiritual Unity Brightens a Darkened Economy Erica Lyn Saccucci, PhD … 7 Solidarity: Responsibility Towards All Sister Geneviéve Guenard, SH … 8 Common Ground: The Work of Popes and Economic Theorists Dolores K. Roman, PhD … 11 Blessed are the Poor: Love God and Love One Another Sister Catherine Tighe, SH … 17 Weathering The Economy: Walking Together in Faith Dan Anderson … 18 God’s Presence: A Companion in Challenging Times Marlene Zebleckis … 20 A Journey of Growth Fostered by the Goodness of Others Sr. Anna Maria, SH … 21 Memorial: Sister Jeanne Ellen Stroh … 23