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God of Playfulness

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor … 1

Play: An Essential Component to a Healthy Life
Kay Caraher … 2

Ramblings of a Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Talk About God
Sydney O’Hearn … 3

Performing with God – Our Double Act!
Sr. Cecile Eder, SH … 5

Work is Hard; Play is Harder
Ann Smith … 9

The Sole of My Soul
Ally Spiroff … 12

How Play in Nature Feeds our Spirits and Improves Health
Jessica Palys … 15

Does Play Have Anything to Do with God?
Marianne Tan … 19

Yoga has brought me closer to the Divine
Tami Galbreath … 22

Reflections on my Journey to the Province of Central Europe
Sr. Laetitia Bordes, SH … 24

Sister Dolores Blahaus – Helper History in the Making … 27

Memorial: Sr. Veronica Donlon, SH … 31

Reflections from Pope Francis … 32