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Living Faith Through Acts of Justice

Letter from the Provincial
Sr. Mary Ellen Moore, SH … 1
Letter from the Editor
Sr. Jean Kielty, SH … 2
Questions for Reflection/Quotes from Catholic Social Teaching … 3-4
Ruined for Life
Jean M. Bax … 5
Faith and Justice: a Holy Wedlock
Carrie Schuchardt … 8
Christ has no Body on Earth but Yours…
Marylynn and Tom Herchline … 10
If You Want Peace, Work for Justice
Virginia Williams … 13
The Poor Will Always Have You; But You Will Not Always Have Me
Ed Duffy … 15
Finding Purpose through the Call of Service
Karen Bychowski … 18
Make Plain the Vision
Anne Carey … 20
Helper Ministry: Which Side am I on?
Sr. Laetitia Bordes, SH … 22
Helper History: Foundation of St. Louis
Sr. Mary Funge, SH … 25
Recommended Reading … 27
Memorial, Sr. Joan Granzeier, SH … 28