Vol 22

Making Connections

Table of Contents

Leter from the Provincial … 1
Leter from the Editor … 2
Helper History:
A Meeting with Eugénie Durand-Smet, Descendent of
Mary of Providence … 3
An Evoluton of Faith
Mat Paolelli … 6
Technology as a Spiritual Tool
by Joyce D. Jones … 9
Technology in Religious Life
Sr. Celine Zimmermann, SH … 11
BLUE1647: Pilsen’s Technology Innovaton Center – Building
Community Through Technology
Nora Gruenberg … 13
Technology: Bringing Us Closer to Each Other and God
Sr. Silvia Bereczki, SH … 15
10 Reasons to Reclaim the Lost Art of Leter Writng
Kelly Needham … 17
Stewardship and Technology
Marissa Lynne Minnick … 21
Life Moves Ahead: Discovering the Freedom to Go With It
Charles Sidot … 23
Helper Ministry:
Sr. Maria del Rayo Cuaya-Castllo, SH … 26