VoH 5 Cover

Spirituality and Prayer

Table of Contents
Letter from the Provincial
Sr. Mary Ellen Moore, SH … 1
Letter from the Editor
Sr. Jean Kielty, SH … 2
Prayer: Simple and Profound
Bretta Ribbing … 3
Surprised by the Joy of Jesus
Beth Knobbe …6
Engaging Spirituality
Margaret Mulligan … 8
A Life of Prayer: Four Ways to God
Dianna Oles … 11
Prayer Experiences Remembered
Sr. Margaret Nimbley, SH … 15
Finding God: “Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything”
Jenéne Francis … 18
Silence is Spoken Here
Tom Kosnik … 21
Helper Ministry: The Circle
Sr. Alicia Gutierrez, SH … 22
Helper History … 24