Voices of Hope – Sr. Jean Kielty spent 30 years working with Catholic Charities, where she focused on helping homeless families around the Chicago land area. In 2009, the Province decided they wanted to start a project that would engage the public. Sr. Jean created a team and they all decided on starting a publication that would speak on various topics from authors that related to them. The publication was created and named “Voices of Hope”. There have been 23 issues, 8 articles in every issue, and 184 different authors. Every issue is giving a voice to those who want to speak about topics but never had a platform that would allow them to reach a larger audience. Each issue has been about topics that are a part of our everyday life such as violence, racism, education, beauty, mental health, and so much more. “Voices of Hope” does exactly what the title says, give hope from voices who encounter these topics that are hard and sometimes uncomfortable to talk about. Sr. Jean says that she loves providing ideas that allow people to reflect on. It also helps the other Sisters to engage their own colleagues, family, and/or friends, to write about their own experience with these topics. It helps broaden the insight of who the Helpers are.

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